Thursday, 16 July 2020

Repurposing the Pixel Purse

Once the LED panel and its associated gubbins have been removed from the Pixel Purse there's not a lot of useful stuff left. After all, it's a gimmick, and hardly functions as a purse anyway. There's enough room inside for a smartphone, which you can use to program it, and not a lot else.
One thing that is left is the battery compartment. Now, I'm all for repurposing rather than throwing away, so I decided to try to reuse this one useful part left.

I first decided to cut the compartment away from the surrounding plastic. I didn't think this would work too well but I thought "What the hell, I'll try it anyway."

It actually wasn't too bad. The plastic is quite soft, and I was able to cut through it with a Stanley knife and some nail clippers. The problem is, it took about half an hour, and really battery holders are not that expensive. Is it really worth it?

Of course the other option is to simply use the compartment still in place. The compartment is on its own panel; not a part of the outer shell of the purse, and there's enough room for some electronics such as a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

I think that works, if you don't mind the pink.

I've kept one of the outer shells; I've got some ideas for it...

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