Wednesday, 4 December 2019

I bought a house!

Finally, my house purchase is nearing completion. Next Friday (6th) is the handover.

This went rather quickly at the end; there was a flurry of activity this last week, what with signatures, bank transfers etc.It's a typical scenario with how house sales proceed over here, there's a deposit you have to pay (usually 10%), then the remainder on completion. However, the standard practice seems to be that you pay the deposit, along with the remainder, all at the same time on completion.This also happened when I was buying Calne. I was waiting for the solicitor to tell me what deposit I needed to pay, plus bank details etc., and it never happened. Then, on completion, they simply told me to pay the full amount.Anyway, that's all done now. Now on to the next step. I would like to build a small extension onto the side of the house. I would like a proper laundry/utility room, and there is a space for such a room at the side of the house, behind the garage. In fact, the previous owners must have had the same thoughts because the searches fetched up a building approval for a "Lobby and wet room", which hadn't been built. Hopefully I can use that same approval so I don't have to go through the approval process myself.


In addition, there is a little panhandle to the back of the property, with a small shed at its end. I'm hoping I can do something with this, i.e. build a larger shed that can be used as a workshop. The existing shed is rather small and I think it was a kid's playhouse or something.

So there it is.

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